About us

Makastia is created from the desire of a lifestyle brand for women who love aesthetic and design. Women who are constantly exploring romance but also stick with the original in a balanced way. Crafted for those who look enchanting in their own style, and chic without thought. Those who are nonconformists and free spirited.
Makastia is the perfect equilibrium for those who love hand made work and fashion; it was created with that thought in mind, thinking ahead of trends, pieces that you can wear from a relaxing day at the sea to a special boat occasion where you want to be trendy and unique.   
Daniela and Ana met five years ago. Ana designed and produced swimwear and Daniela sold bathing suits through her online platform.
It was then, when they joined forces and decided to create a line together, Ana knew how to design conceptual pieces and Daniela knew the public and their interests. 
They began working together, offering their clients unique HAND MADE pieces embroidered by women head of household, always looking for the right fit and the most creative print to make a difference in the beach.